Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday

Mia and Jess in their easter dresses we made, actually we
made Mia's for her birthday and Jess made, hers they're
the same pattern. We made Heather one and sent it
when Rochelle went to visit. When Rochelle came back
we made her one before she left.
Easter isn't the same as it used to be. Now there's just
Jess and Mia hanging at home. We did our easter decorating
when all the kiddos were here. On saturday Ella and Hudson
came to Hooper to go on a Easter egg hunt at the Hooper Park.
Ben says I came all the way for 30 sec of a easter hunt and got a
handful of candy. There was 2-300 kids there crazy. Mia and Jess
went to the evening one with there flashlights and friends.
Ella was intimidated by all the crazy-ness
Hudson just wanted to eat dum dums all day.

Model pose
The dress below is the one we made for Rochelle

Monday, April 18, 2011

Eggs for coloring and more....

Our last week with the kids here we decided we needed
to color eggs while everyone was here even though
it was a week before easter. Austin was back visiting
on his way back to Cali for break, the kids
really love playing and chasing him around.
We had one and a half kids per teenager
helping with the dyeing.
Hudson was very into it
Its serious stuff you know
The girls always want the pink and purple
colors first
Everything's clean must have been before
the dye got spilled
We made french toast on easter bread that was colored pink,
purple and yellow Max kept saying eewwww about it.
We also made pizza with eggs dropped on top then baked
Its actually very good. It was Ben's idea and know we
always have to make one like it every time. Jess calls
it a breakfast pizza it has white sauce, pesto, spinach,
bacon bits, sundried tomatoes and you crack a couple
of eggs right on top before you bake it. Its Jess's
favorite so it must be good.

Friday, April 8, 2011

The Gulbransons come to visit

A fun and crazy active week when the Gulbranson kids come
to stay and play. They stayed while Rochelle and Kaelen went
to Florida to see Heather and Aaron. We had fun doing things
even though it was snowy and rainy all week. Max brought his
boots good thing because we had lots of puddles. They flew a
kite out in the field today, played games colored and ran
around a lot with Austin playing tag and hide and seek.
Scott came for sunday dinner and a round of settlers and scones.
He brought easter candy to hide around and find.
They were well entertained.
Emma with a friends pet parrot named Angel.
The Vintage Cupcake shop in Ogden

Having fun at Hooper park
and a pic-nic on the trampoline
Kael says he wants one for his

We always get to go to Hogle Zoo and see the
animals and ride the train. Thanks to
Aunt Stefani who has a G-parents pass
to get in. Emma wanted to see a
Chameleon but they didn't have any.
We saw some lizards though. Kael wanted to see the tigers and cheetahs
which we saw. Max having fun looking for something in the water.
The train ride is a favorite, and Max is standing in front of the tiger pen
its sleeping up top.