Friday, November 20, 2009


The twilight movie saga continues.  Once again Jessica's  birthday
fail near the opening night of the second Twilight movie, easy 
theme for a party.  We all had fun decorating and making pizza
for food.  The highlight of the party was when 
Rebekah's boyfriend(Scott) showed up in the pictured window 
wearing a mask while they were playing a game.  
It was pretty good watch the video.

                                     Jessica with her friend Jessica with the food
                               The gang Jessica, Mary, Rebekah, Jessica, Mariah, 
                               Ashley,   Mikala, Ashley, Nicki and Kristen
                               They all made spray painted T-shirts for the night.

Keep your eye on the far left window

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


We recently took a road trip down to Las Vegas. John went to the Sema show (car convention)
me and the girls decided to go with him. The girls had never been before.  So I decided take them to the strip and show them a little taste of sin city.  Jessica said just don't look up look down at the ground.....wait don't look there either there's stuff all over the ground to.
We only stayed one night in Vegas next time we need to venture out beyond downtown, would like to see Red Rock.  Sorry Carly about the missed connection.  We did stay in a very nice hotel Ben found us on-line out by the air-port.  Tahiti Village it had a swimming pool with tubes you float around island on.
1st stop: St. George IN-N-OUT
Warm Springs Nevada. LDS camping recreation area.
                                         Pools filled with 88* spring water.  The water 
                                                   filters through every 3-4 hrs. 
                                                      Are we there yet? 
Las Vegas strip
Look closely... roller coaster in background
Mariah and Jessica rode it! 

                                                          4 story M&M store 
                                             Pick a flavor.....any flavor you want! 

                                           you have to get in line to get a picture here.
                                                            The Strip at night 
                                                    The Venetian indoor mall
                               We don't know why are siblings think were spoiled.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

On that spooky halloween night, we all went down to Ben 
and Kjirsten's house for some frightfully good Chili, while 
the girls took Ella around trick or treating for some yummy Candy

     {indian and Greek goddess}  
  Rebekah and jess Before the dance on friday!
Rebekah just had to get a picture of this group friends at the dance! 
(FLDS polygamist was their costume)
Jessica and some of her friends! 
(she sewed all the costumes for all of her friends) 

Canadian Visitors..

Rochelle and Kaelen and Kids all came for a quick trip to visit.
I think Kaelen was craving Betos and Football. They stayed for
about a week, which half that time the kids were sick and had
to make a trip to the Dr. But we had fun anyways they went to
the movies, discovery museum and had Emma's 5th birthday.  
Ella enjoyed staying here and playing with her cousins everyday.  
The weather was great and the kids went and ate apples off the 
tree every minute they could. Thanks for coming! The only bad 
thing about company is when they all leave everyone is bored again,
no more kid entertainment.

Emma's Birthday Party

Ella loving her candy necklace!   
Emma opening her presents! :) 

Ella's Gift to Emma! (Emma loves anything that is pink and princess, as you can tell)

Getting ready to blow out the candles!

Discovery Gate Way! 
Watch out Max!! (Max absolutely loved driving around in this car)

Kale loved playing at the water station!

Even Kaelen had fun playing at the magnetic station!

                                    Grandkids playing out side 
         Playing in the fort! 
Fall leaves! 
The best place max liked to be was in the swing!