Thursday, July 30, 2009


My Mom took some pictures of us up in canada!! i messed around with them on photoshop and this is what happened...!! Tell me what you think?? is it Fantastic, Could be better, or should never do photography again???? -jess


(they went in June before the Canada trip scroll down for pictures)
the girls took their first trip on an airplane all by themselves.   They went to Florida to visit Heather, Aaron and Holly.  They went to quite a few places and most of them were free or very inexpensive.  Orlando and the Temple, Beaches, parks, Museums, and hanging out with family is always fun.   They even got some free food.  They stayed 3 weeks and enjoyed all of it.  Yes it was hot and humid but they kept cool at the beaches and the pool.  Thanks Coons for putting up with them.  Lots of pics on Heathers Blog.

                                                                   Orlando Temple
                                              What some people will do for free food
                                              Free Chick-fil a if you dress up like a cow
                                                           Hangin with Holly
                                                     On the Beach
                                                      On the plane


our view of the parks on the way home with John's foot

Baniff National Park

The waterfalls
                                                          Cool spray from the Falls
                             The return trip we went through Alberta and the parks you drive for about 
6 hrs through the Baniff National Park wich is part of the Rocky Mountains.  Very beautiful drive.  Amazing scenery we stopped at these cool water falls.   
People from all over visiting.
            The entrance into their little town Vanderhoof BC
                                                       The road to the Gulbranson home
             Having fun outside the evenings are nice and long it doesn't get 
              dark until after 10:00 and the sun comes up early 5:30 or so.
                     Emma and Kael and the 10 puppies they need to give away
                                          Checking out Mel's animal room
                                              John on a job site with Kaelen
                                          Being silly while going to Prince George 
                                        the next major town about an hour away.  
                                              The kids are very good riders

     Fun at the Lake the weather got warm and everyone went in.
  It rarely gets even 90 but I guess we brought the warm weather                                        
because everyone was hot at 85, most people don't have air conditioning
Everyone was Haying at this time because the weather was warm.  A family cam
 to the Lake and brought their dad out of the hay field and he took his
 boots and shirt off and  went swimming in his wranglers.  True farmer.

                                              I think Max ate half the watermelon
     Emma and the start of her dream playground that grandpa and Kaelen                                             started.   she told all her boy cousins up there they had to pay to play on it.
 Posing by the wild flowers while waiting for the second flat on the second day of the trip to         be fixed. Not 10 minutes prior to this we saw our first bear along side the road.
                                       Day 2 second flat in Canada good we had the other tire fixed
                                                         First day first flat in the U.S.
                                                        Wow we have a long ways to go
      But there well worth every hassle and long sit in the car.............

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Well I guess its where John is at.  People drive by and think were not 
doing much on the house.  But the work is going on in the back. 
He has been working in the back getting practice 
in rock laying.  It looks pretty good I think.  We've put in more grass
and more sidewalks.  Its coming right along.  
Thank-you John for all the hard work.

                                                The back walk out

                                          New sidewalks and sod