Thursday, July 30, 2009


(they went in June before the Canada trip scroll down for pictures)
the girls took their first trip on an airplane all by themselves.   They went to Florida to visit Heather, Aaron and Holly.  They went to quite a few places and most of them were free or very inexpensive.  Orlando and the Temple, Beaches, parks, Museums, and hanging out with family is always fun.   They even got some free food.  They stayed 3 weeks and enjoyed all of it.  Yes it was hot and humid but they kept cool at the beaches and the pool.  Thanks Coons for putting up with them.  Lots of pics on Heathers Blog.

                                                                   Orlando Temple
                                              What some people will do for free food
                                              Free Chick-fil a if you dress up like a cow
                                                           Hangin with Holly
                                                     On the Beach
                                                      On the plane

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Heather Coon said...

are you guys ready to settle down and make utah your home again? only 12 more days!!!