Sunday, November 20, 2011

Jessica's Birthday

Making Her Cake! She wanted a pie inside of a cake for her birthday party. 

Decorating. She went with the peacock theme and decorated it all in peacock colors.

        The Balloons had candy and confetti inside of them. They popped them with darts for a fun game.
Her Yummy Birthday Cake actually turned out really good!
                                                             All her Friends.
                                             Surprise!!! They all silly stringed her!

Everyone Loved the Cake and thought it was amazing that you could actually fit a pie inside of a cake!!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

this, that and whatever else.

 The small halloween party that Ben and Kjirsten held at their home.
Ella and Hudson loved the games we played. Like picking up cotton balls off the ground with tongs while blind folded.

 The Kitty finally gets a new collar!!!!!! Rebekah bought this collar for the kitty about a good 1 or 2 years ago. It was getting worn so we decided to purchase a new one. Jess picked out a hot pink one and  of course it still had to have a bell on it so we could hear it coming.

 It wasn't happy when we woke it up from a nap to put on the new collar.

The girls attempted to do some nails they saw on pintrest. 
ended up being a lot of work for some cool nails. 
 some turned out good some not so good.

 As you can see it made a little bit of a mess. The girls not so sure if it was worth all the work.