Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer Saturday

 Cleaned out the pool this weekend. Ben and Kj came up and Ella ran through the sprinkler on the ground. Mia also put it under the trampoline for her. The pool's all nice and clean, filling up with water. although mia and jess weren't happy campers cleaning it out.

 a very hot 75 degree day to be cleaning it out. 

 Jess doing some weed whacking around the pool
 The continuation of the Arbor
 Hudson a chocolaty mess after a Fudgesicle  

Ella and Hudson playing in the pedal cars

A little Cafe Rio for dinner. yummmm, Sweet Pork Salad.
 The kids chowing down after a hard day of playing at grandma and grandpa foxes.
It's not a summer day without some Farr's Fresh. Delicious!!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Ben took me on a trip to Chicago to hang out with President and Sister Doll while he had some work
to do there.  It was fun and we got a chance to do a few things.  Ok I was taking pictures of stuff
and never took Sherm and Linda's picture while I was there.  How dumb is that.  We ate chicago pizza real good, we had a chicago dog downtown by Wrigley Field.  I went with Linda and the missionaries
on a teaching appointment. The Hermanas did a real good job teaching. Ben went with Sherm to the ball game at Wrigley. We went to the Field museum and saw an interesting exhibit about horses and Africa.   I went to my first Zone conference which was fun to see the missionaries and here about what they do.  Linda gave a real good discussion on prayer.  I had to leave early and missed Sherms talk but I'm sure it was good.  Ben and I went to downtown Chicago and checked out the tallest building the Sears tower which is now the Willis Tower Skydeck that has a see through floor.  A little scary 103 floors up. Then we ate at the Italian Village We also ate the night before at the Bone Fish Grill yummy.  He said when in Chicago eat like the Chicagoans and we did.  We had a fun few days. 
Thanks Sherm and Linda for having me!  hope the flooded basement gets finished.
And Ben for driving me around in his rental car a CUBE

The weather was nice when we were there Lake Michigan was calm

Chicago has tons of tall buildings

Scary see through ledge you can walk out on  lots of people wouldn't walk out there even

More tall buildings and Ben jumping off the 103 floor of the Willis skydeck
if you look close you can see gardens on the top of the buildings

Ben liked these style houses below is the Frank Lloyd Wright house

At the Field Museum Dinosaur picture for you Kael and Max

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Far Away Visitors

Sam and Lynn came to visit all the way from Australia. Saturday night we had a little dinner at Teresa's house, ate some good food and visited with each other. It was nice seeing them.

 Teresa's boys loved playing with Ella and Hudson. 


Rocky Mountain High
the family all settled in there new town

Holly riding all the sculptures 

she has her dad's expressions/where's waldo in the pic

Grandpa was mad he was going to miss main in motion their weekly art street fair


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Long Days.

Mia and Jess have both been doing a little work, Jess is a nanny for a family of 3 kids, in Farmington. While Mia takes over her old babysitting job in Hooper, and working at Stefani's with any work she needs to have done. So the days are long and the nights are short... Scott came over tonight to have pizza, and brought some new delicious ice cream we've never had before. pretty tasty! thanks Scott!

a good summer night treat.