Sunday, July 31, 2011

Vacation 2011

Well before Austin leaves for his mission sometime this fall, Matt wanted to take the family on one last vaction before he left. So Yvonne's crew joined Matt and us and Mia. We crossed four states: Wyomning, South Dakota, Montana, Idaho. And Visited a lot of places. People who went along on the journey: Matt, Nancy, Austin, Jordan, Donovan, Zach, Natalie, Yvonne, Ryan, Jacob, Tyler, Micheal, Todd, Christian, Logan, Cheerce, Elijah, Mia, John, Kim.
here are some of the snap shots we took.
 Frontier Wyoming State Prison 
 Martin's Cove
 pulling handcarts

 Independence Rock, Only Mia, Matt, and John and I can say we walked around the whole rock, because we were the only ones that were willing to look for Ruth May Fox's name. 
 Saw a snake on the walk around Independence Rock

 Oregon trail . and Monuments from Independence Rock
Cleaning up camp the morning after the first day.

South Dakota!! The Kid Gang

 And Wyoming
 Eating Lunch 2nd day

 Mia and Natalie by Crazy Horse 
Group Picture by the unfinished crazy horse

Walking into Mt. Rushmore
Tyler and Austin

Mia in front of Mt. Rushmore 

Mia and Natalie's Matching Shirts

Devil's Tower
oil rig in Wyoming 

Old Faithful

Yellow stone.
Last road sign picture. 

Monday, July 11, 2011

SiStErS WeeKend

                   Our 2nd Annual Sisters Weekend!

     Delicious food, as always...a salad bar Friday night, and casserole bakes with fruit in the morning.

                                           Doing crafts...

                                  A Few pictures from our sisters weekend we had a fun time!

                                 We missed you Rebekah and all else who could not make it!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

4th of July Weekend

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY-we hope everyone is having a happy-safe and sane 4th
wherever you may be.  The girls enjoying a little swim with Austin down at Ben-n-Kj's

licorice mustache 
Lollies at the Riverton parade I think Hudson stole Austin's
More Parade

Enjoying CHIPOTLE!

Pancake breakfast

                                Saturday Swim ewwh yeah while the pool is still clean and clear

              Dug out the old badminton net had to buy some new birdies and racquets though
Action shots

                                                           The cat chillin in the chair bag
What's a 4th without a hotdog?
everyone had to lay down cause it was a hot fire and 93 outside