Tuesday, April 28, 2009


    Me and Jessica wanted to do something with our lives and so we heard that everyone in our family is going to run a half marathon in August!
We decided that we don't want to be the fatties on the sideline watch everyone else run in.
So as you can see these are the before pictures and you better believe that there is improvements to come. Come August, you'll see our after pictures,  but for now enjoy these.
Jessica Fox- Loves to drink three 2-liter bottles of 7 up everyday. 
Her interests are: surfing the internet(watching stupid youtube videos) 
Her favorite places to eat: The Chubby Chicken, Panda Express & Burger Bar her Best friends are Ben & Jerry Ice Cream
Weight Loss Goal: 20-30 lbs.

Mariah Fox- Loves to sneak candy into her room, and eat it at night.
Her interests are: Watching recordings of Oprah, & reading the twilght saga over and over
Her Favorite places to eat: Domino's Pizza, school lunch, & Chuck-A-Rama Weight Loss Goal- 20-40 lbs.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Senior Ball

I got asked to Senior Ball (that is this Saturday) and borrowed 2 dresses from a girl in our ward. I would like everyone to comment and say what one they like the best.  

Just so everyone knows I will put something over this dress if I pick it. 

 I had to cut my head off of this one because mom doesn't know how to say 1 2 3 and then take the picture, so i had a really ugly face.

Monday, April 20, 2009


One of the best parts of the trip that me and Mariah were looking forward to the most was our trip to forks, on our way home. It was our dream come true. We are so glad we went, it was so amazing. We had so much fun exploring a new part of washington. It was the perfect twilight day, overcast and raining all day long nonstop! It was just like the book. 

We had to take a ferry to get there! Freezing!!!
   Our First Stop Port Angeles as you can see in the picture.
YAY! The City Of Forks, there was 2 cars behind us that had to get a picture of the sign too. 

The Twilight store where we got all of our twilight souvenirs!! Amazing!! 

The forest was just like how I pictured it!!

You smell good in the Rain!! 
 La Push!! its La Push... 
Me and Mia acting like vampires!! look you can see the rain!
Our Twilight shirts!! 


Our trip to Seattle was great!  We spent thurs. night friday night and saturday night in Seattle
with Rochelle, Kaelen and the kids.  They came to visit the temple with their family and ward
members.  The girls went and did baptisms with their youth.  We visited lots of things like Pikes Fish Market and went to the beach so Emma and Kael could play in the sand, where it was cold and windy.  I think they just enjoyed some rays.  Saw the Locks with the big boats. Ate fish and chips and clam chowder.  Went to the mall to do a little shopping with Rochelle at JoAnns.  The girls enjoyed swimming with the kids at the hotel pool, and having an Easter egg
hunt in the room even when the people downstairs started banging on the ceiling.  All that was after Kael was pacing the floor in Jessica's shoes and they complained to the desk which in turn  called us to see if all was O.K. Whoops sorry!  But when we went to breakfast the next morning
and saw all the Gulbranson cousins we figured the guests below us wouldn't ever know which
kids were making all the noise.  Oh, well kids are great!  We had fun.












Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Friday, April 3, 2009

Jolene and TJ's wedding at the Union Station

March 27th Rebekah and I with a lot of help from Christal and Mariah, Nichol, Mark and his friend and (Scott on the punch) made about 1000 appetizers for Jolene my niece's wedding it was alot of fun but some work to.  Jodi her mom did all the decorations.  Our cousin Kati did the flowers everything came together well.  
                                             I think it was pretty amazing party.
                                             The Food

                                             The Hall and Decor
                                         The cute little guests Audrey and Ella
                   The bride and groom in pictures (Bad, we should have them)