Sunday, May 29, 2011

BIrThdaYs All aRouND!

Ben's big 30th birthday!

Lila with her blue eyes


All out to dinner for Heather's 27th birthday at Asian Fusion 
in Salt Lake. 
-heather's favorite- sushi!!!

Heather's big birthday present

Lila trying sushi

passing around all the delicious dishes!  

Lila's 1st Birthday!!!

Hudson, Audry, Holly, Ella, Jesse
Lila's 1st birthday she's all messy from her cake

For Lila's Birthday we made a sand castle cake. We fixed up the yard all nice and made a fire pit we were going to roasthot dogs on sticks and as soon as we started to it started raining so we had to rush everything into the upstairs room for the rest.

Digging in the food!

Lila and her cake she was so happy to sing happy birthday
Ice Cream Cake from Farr's is
what Heather wanted for her B-day
cake twas good:)
Christal and her Beau (Ty)
I don't know Beck but Scott seemed to avoid all the pics that night

At Temple Square taking pictures for Lila's 1st birthday.

Everyone out for a bike ride. Grandpa has been buying bikes and trikes on KSL for all the kids.
Ella spent the night up here while Holly was visiting. They played outside all day!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Sunday Fun

Well Heather and the girls made it to stay with us for a visit.
On sunday's Scott comes to dinner and plays games. This week
Holly was here and she likes lots of entertainment. She can get
Scott to play anything with her uno, hungry hippos, piggy back rides,
jumping on the trampoline and making cookies with m & m's that
he brought. Sorry Lila was sleeping when we took the pics.
Blowing kisses to you Becka:)
  Holly's thought for the week
Holly went to Grandma's class at church and learned about SMILES                                                                        

If you chance to meet a frown, Do not let it stay
Quickly turn it upside down And smile that frown a---way
No one likes a frowning face. Change it for a smile.
Make the world a better place By smil--ing all the while.

Funny how children's songs have simple messages that we can apply to our life

The blanket shows you that the evenings are still a little cool

Holly doing silly faces