Monday, April 27, 2009

Senior Ball

I got asked to Senior Ball (that is this Saturday) and borrowed 2 dresses from a girl in our ward. I would like everyone to comment and say what one they like the best.  

Just so everyone knows I will put something over this dress if I pick it. 

 I had to cut my head off of this one because mom doesn't know how to say 1 2 3 and then take the picture, so i had a really ugly face.


Rochelle and Kaelen said...

Emma Likes: Blue & Orange (looks like Cinderella!
Kaelen Likes: Blue
Rochelle Likes: Orange
Kael Likes: Blue
Max Likes: to scream! i think that means blue

Kjirsten said...

I think the orange one looks more like you!

Ben & Carly said...

Casey says: Orange/pink
Stef: Pink/orange....glad your covering your shoulders
Carly: your only young once show off those arms....JK seriously JK I like the Orange/pink too!
you girls kill me, I loved the overview of the trip to forks..we are all still laughing.

Heather Coon said...

me and aaron both like the peach one...i will look cute with your blonde hair! so do you like the guy or is it just for fun?

Kjirsten said...




Karli said...

I love the orange one! It scream, "I am a fun girl!", (and you are!)

Karli said...

Wait... am I already too late? Is the dance over? Hmmmm. Sorry. :)

Otis said...

MOTH balls ! the dress smells oh well . need lots of perfume. otis