Friday, April 3, 2009

Jolene and TJ's wedding at the Union Station

March 27th Rebekah and I with a lot of help from Christal and Mariah, Nichol, Mark and his friend and (Scott on the punch) made about 1000 appetizers for Jolene my niece's wedding it was alot of fun but some work to.  Jodi her mom did all the decorations.  Our cousin Kati did the flowers everything came together well.  
                                             I think it was pretty amazing party.
                                             The Food

                                             The Hall and Decor
                                         The cute little guests Audrey and Ella
                   The bride and groom in pictures (Bad, we should have them)


Kara said...

wow, what a lot of work, it looks so great! Gage misses his Grandma Fox ;)

Ben said...

Wow! Those Food Photos could be in a Food Magazine!