Monday, March 30, 2009

It Was Fun But Now We are Done!

Jessica's amazing trip to California on tour with her Orchestra

I had a wonderful time on tour it was so worth it.

I came back to the hotel dead tired everyday! 
We got there at 10:00 wednesday morning and then we performed at 
We relaxed at disneyland for awhile then did a recording session with a professional conductor.
We got to hear and watch our orchestra's music be put to disney movies like Emperor's new groove,
Dinosaurs, and a couple others. It was such an amazing experience.

The next day we went to the walk of fame, LA's farmers market, then to the beach, 
after all that we went on a dinner cruise and danced all night.

Friday We spent the day at six Flags it was such a blast loved!! 
That night we went to Magicopolis. It was a fantastic show with tons of cool tricks and magic.

The last day we spent to entire day at Disneyland..! Then got on the bus at 11:00 for the ride home!
Walk of Fame (Micky Mouse)


Superman Ride at 6 flags 
  The Beach!! 
                                                             Me and Mary                                                                                     
We Played Cards the whole 12 hours down to LA


Kaelen & Rochelle Gulbranson said...

Emma said " That sounds like fun I want to go." Did you get a pic w/ Cindrella?

Heather Coon said...

Sounds like an awesome trip jess with lots of cool stuff to do! too bad I can't get cheap tickets to disney world. Hey if you come visit on your birthday you get in free this year! Post some pictures of forks