Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer Saturday

 Cleaned out the pool this weekend. Ben and Kj came up and Ella ran through the sprinkler on the ground. Mia also put it under the trampoline for her. The pool's all nice and clean, filling up with water. although mia and jess weren't happy campers cleaning it out.

 a very hot 75 degree day to be cleaning it out. 

 Jess doing some weed whacking around the pool
 The continuation of the Arbor
 Hudson a chocolaty mess after a Fudgesicle  

Ella and Hudson playing in the pedal cars

A little Cafe Rio for dinner. yummmm, Sweet Pork Salad.
 The kids chowing down after a hard day of playing at grandma and grandpa foxes.
It's not a summer day without some Farr's Fresh. Delicious!!!

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Heather Coon said...

You should be wearing your bikini's girls, get a little tan while you're working so hard!