Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

On that spooky halloween night, we all went down to Ben 
and Kjirsten's house for some frightfully good Chili, while 
the girls took Ella around trick or treating for some yummy Candy

     {indian and Greek goddess}  
  Rebekah and jess Before the dance on friday!
Rebekah just had to get a picture of this group friends at the dance! 
(FLDS polygamist was their costume)
Jessica and some of her friends! 
(she sewed all the costumes for all of her friends) 

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Heather Coon said...

Way to go Jess on the sewing! I'm impressed, you should start charging your clients it could be a little money maker for ya. And forget the photography route you should go into design! You'd be good at it.