Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Canadian Visitors..

Rochelle and Kaelen and Kids all came for a quick trip to visit.
I think Kaelen was craving Betos and Football. They stayed for
about a week, which half that time the kids were sick and had
to make a trip to the Dr. But we had fun anyways they went to
the movies, discovery museum and had Emma's 5th birthday.  
Ella enjoyed staying here and playing with her cousins everyday.  
The weather was great and the kids went and ate apples off the 
tree every minute they could. Thanks for coming! The only bad 
thing about company is when they all leave everyone is bored again,
no more kid entertainment.

Emma's Birthday Party

Ella loving her candy necklace!   
Emma opening her presents! :) 

Ella's Gift to Emma! (Emma loves anything that is pink and princess, as you can tell)

Getting ready to blow out the candles!

Discovery Gate Way! 
Watch out Max!! (Max absolutely loved driving around in this car)

Kale loved playing at the water station!

Even Kaelen had fun playing at the magnetic station!

                                    Grandkids playing out side 
         Playing in the fort! 
Fall leaves! 
The best place max liked to be was in the swing!

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Heather Coon said...

Looks like we missed out on a fun week! DOn't feel too bad for us though, we're all suffering with the flu too...(I think you spelt Kael's name wrong!)

We'll have to Holly to that discovery place, she'd LOVE the water station!!!