Friday, November 20, 2009


The twilight movie saga continues.  Once again Jessica's  birthday
fail near the opening night of the second Twilight movie, easy 
theme for a party.  We all had fun decorating and making pizza
for food.  The highlight of the party was when 
Rebekah's boyfriend(Scott) showed up in the pictured window 
wearing a mask while they were playing a game.  
It was pretty good watch the video.

                                     Jessica with her friend Jessica with the food
                               The gang Jessica, Mary, Rebekah, Jessica, Mariah, 
                               Ashley,   Mikala, Ashley, Nicki and Kristen
                               They all made spray painted T-shirts for the night.

Keep your eye on the far left window


Heather Coon said...

Well you guys sure do now how to throw parties! I realize i need to expand my party dishes and decoratiions repertoire badly! Glad you had fun, Happy birthday Jess!! GO JACOB!!

Heather Coon said...

ps way to go scott for scarying the girls they needed that right before the movie! Now if you could have only snuck into the movie and started breathing down their necks, that would have been funny!