Wednesday, November 11, 2009


We recently took a road trip down to Las Vegas. John went to the Sema show (car convention)
me and the girls decided to go with him. The girls had never been before.  So I decided take them to the strip and show them a little taste of sin city.  Jessica said just don't look up look down at the ground.....wait don't look there either there's stuff all over the ground to.
We only stayed one night in Vegas next time we need to venture out beyond downtown, would like to see Red Rock.  Sorry Carly about the missed connection.  We did stay in a very nice hotel Ben found us on-line out by the air-port.  Tahiti Village it had a swimming pool with tubes you float around island on.
1st stop: St. George IN-N-OUT
Warm Springs Nevada. LDS camping recreation area.
                                         Pools filled with 88* spring water.  The water 
                                                   filters through every 3-4 hrs. 
                                                      Are we there yet? 
Las Vegas strip
Look closely... roller coaster in background
Mariah and Jessica rode it! 

                                                          4 story M&M store 
                                             Pick a flavor.....any flavor you want! 

                                           you have to get in line to get a picture here.
                                                            The Strip at night 
                                                    The Venetian indoor mall
                               We don't know why are siblings think were spoiled.


Heather Coon said...

Looks like a fun trip! I'm drooling over in and out right now. In a few months I'll be closer to it than you guys! Ha ha...And yes you girls are spoiled, no doubt about it!

Ben & Carly said...

I'm sorry we missed you too, it sounds like a quick trip and luckily I will get to see you guys in a few weeks up in Utah. I'm jealous too, I live here and haven't done most of that stuff yet!

Rochelle and Kaelen said...

Yes you girls are spoiled... I guess that's what you get when you are the youngest!!! :)

Rochelle and Kaelen said...
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Kjirsten said...

Heather they are putting in two Inn and Out Burgers withing 1 mile of our place, Draper and Riverton!

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!