Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Recent trip to St. George and the Parade of Homes

John and I recently planned a trip SOUTH to get warm. We took Jessica and Mariah. They wanted to go when they found out their was an IN-N-OUT and a pool in the Hotel. We went down for the Parade of Homes. We thought we might be able to find a few
ideas to add to the little project that we have started. The houses started at about $500,000 to 3,000,000 of course if you wanted to buy the 3 million dollar house fully furnished just tack on a little more like 500,000. The 3 Mil. house had a pool/cave with TV
and slides, and in the basement of the house there was a basketball court connected to a raquetball court with a weight room, climbing wall, and putting green. And of course upstairs had all the usuals like big kitchen plenty of rooms for everyone to stay in with movie theatre. They were all fun to look at and everytime we went to a new room the girls would say I like this one I like that, Dad can you put that in my room. We also went and visited John's cousin Ruthie and husband Bill and his aunt Maude.
     Yes we ate at IN-N-OUT once on the way in and on the way out. We visited Brigham Youngs winter home and Jacob Hamblin home. We went down to Arizona just so the girls could add it to the places they've visited.  On our way back north we stopped at Cove Fort. Good time of the year to go you pretty much get a private tour.
                                                Corner window overlooking the city
                                               Location, Location, Location

                                                                   St. George Temple

                                               We had to go to Arizona it was right there!

                                                          Brigham Young's winter home



Jacob Hamblin Home-he helped settle St. George and befriended the Indians.
                                                                        Cove fort

Here are some pics of some cool things we saw in the houses.  There were 26 houses I think
we saw all but about 5 homes.  
                                                                       Cool Staircase
                                                                         Entry Lighting
                                    Every grandkids dream Mariah and Jess think they missed out

                                                         One of  the girls favorite rooms

They call these houses the Ledges because they're built up on the ledges of the mountains and you can hardly tell they are there until you are there.  They are flat topped and fit right into the landscape painted the colors of the landscape.  Notice the yards all have the natural landscape.
                             The stairs lead up to an observation deck on top of the house.
                                                                        Cool front door
                                              Mariah in the bathroom, lots of rock and stone
                                                   Mirrors don't always have to be square or round


Ben said...

You need to turn the downstairs into a little town for Ella, she can be Mayor!

It's funny how Brigham Young started the Snow-Birds migration down to St. George in the Winter!

Cool Pictures!

Heather Coon said...

Nice post. I am impressed! Love all the pictures. Looks like you guys had fun down there. We are such a road trip family. Aaron and I can't wait til his breaks to go on some road trips around here. Miss ya guys!