Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Summertime is the only time!!

The garden is producing its nice to have fresh veggies to eat.   The farmers market 
calls it field to fork.   John's favorite lunch in the summer grilled cheese with fresh
tomato and cucumbers.  We also made salsa the other day with our jalepeno 
peppers and canned tomatoes from last years garden.  Scrambled eggs and zucchini 
are yum!  The fruit trees haven't done so well one apple tree got to heavy and broke, 
the other one has worms in them (guess we should spray).   We had to fight the birds   
for the cherries.  A squirrel got to our apricots.  And Raccoons are in the grape vines.
Learn something new every year.
                               GARDEN FRESH
                       Wish I could claim the Bread Great Harvest High five fiber.

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Kjirsten said...

MMMMM..... Fresh Veggies!!!