Friday, January 8, 2010


Ice Skating with Ben and Kjirsten!
We're at a Ice skating rink near where Ben's house. There weren't very
many people out because it was so cold in the teens I'm sure. You can
rent your skates during the day for a couple of dollars and then bring
them back the next day.
Making a train to tow everyone around. Ben didn't even have skates on yet.
Ella Had So much fun Skating! Even though she was freezing.
Hudson was crying so I held him by the fire. Kj says he doesn't
like it out in the cold air.
Then we went to the Pie to Warm Up with some good Pizza!
YUM! Mariah's amazing food pic.

Christmas Morning!!!
Rebekah Got a snuggie!
Jess and her new headband Mia got her!
Mia With her Fremont High school outfit!
Glenn Beck's Book (Arguing With Idiots)
Girls in Christmas Pj's!
Ella Showing off her guitar Skills!!
Waiting For dinner to be done! John, Christal, Beck, Hudson and Scott

Shepherd's Pie! YUM!

Ella Loved Playing with the little town!

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Heather Coon said...

Maybe the $1500 on airline tix would have been worth it!

See you soon...