Monday, March 29, 2010

You Only Turn 16 Once!

It was a vary good sweet sixteen for Mariah! The day started differently then she expected, thanks to Me, Rebekah & Heather. We got up at 5:45 and drove all the way out to her school.(10 miles) Out here in the country there is only one road that will get you to the school in the fastest possible way and thats the road everyone takes to school. There is only one stop sign on that road that's where we put our first Neon Yellow Sign that we made the day before. It said IT'S MARIAH FOX'S 16th BIRTHDAY!! Big for everyone to see as they are passing through the stop sign. Then our next destination was the sign right before you enter the school and our sign said TELL... MARIAH FOX HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! But we didn't stop there we went to the back of the school to the seminary building and put another Bright Pink sign on the seminary door. That said HAPPY SWEET 16 MARIAH FOX!! After we did all of that we went to the store got some doughnuts and dropped some balloons off at her friends house so she can give them to her at school! Then we rushed home to see Mariah before she left for school. When we got home we attacked her with silly string and gave her a doughnut to eat on the bus to school.
Later that afternoon I get a txt message from Mariah that says
Mia: I flippin hate you guys!!
(I knew she didn't mean it)
Me: Why? ?
Mia: Everyone at school has been telling me "Happy Birthday I saw the sign"
Me: Ooh... You know you love us!!
Me and mom picked her up early from school. She was vary surprised about our little prank. She said her seminary teacher saw that her birthday was today so he made her come to the front of the class so everyone one can sing her happy birthday. Then he told her that since she was turning 16 and that she can officially date now she must put her cell phone number on the board for any guy that wants it!

As you can tell she was so happy!
Opening presents! Holly Loved to help with that!
New Scriptures!
Mom made a chocolate jelly roll cake with cream filling.

Her Big Sweet 16 Party she had the day after!
(her and her friends by the bon fire)


Heather Coon said...

Man what awesome sisters she has! It was a fun party though! Campfires are the best...

Mariah Gale said...

yes i know i have awesome sisters....