Monday, June 7, 2010

Sister, cousins, Aunts

I know it was a while back but I thought we should show everyone what a good time we had.

Here we all are at the 1st annual Sisters Weekend
fun was had by all there was a speaker and dinner the first night
some spent the night some went home. The next morning
breakfast and a little fun workout at the track
then off to Stef's for food, crafts and lots of laughing.
Thanks Stef for hosting the shin-dig. Hope we'll have
more new participants next year.

Yes we can be funny!

I don't know but, who said something funny or embarrassing
Jodi those are for your ears not your eyes:>
Cute rings girls can you tell who the older sister is?
Decisions, Decisions....
Everyone wants to hold the baby.
Of Course there was food and it was good.

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