Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Holiday Fun

Jessica's Homemade gifts for the nieces and nephews
Fox and Coon stuffed pets
Couple hand warmers dish towels and cookies in a jar for her friends

Hudson going for the pinata at the Doll party
Kaelen admiring all the hand made things everyone did a wonderful job
um what did you make Kaelen?

Listening to Mia's stories she made for everyone 
look the kids are wearing grandma's vests
Christmas morning pj's
Emma and Holly talking to Santa
we told them it was santa's helper(Carli up the street) Max was actually the first to sit on santa's lap.....yum candycanes                  

Opening Christmas Eve jammies!

Kaelen and Aaron's homemade gift to the girls
Cheer-up girls its only chick-fil-a sauce

                            The stockings all hung from the sheetrock with care:) funny we
found an old picture from wilton on Christmas with sheetrock background to.

                                        The kids and the cat enjoying Christmas

 Mia in her new coat  Jess in her rain boots

Jess, Lila, Cora and Mia After Church on Christmas....Some vampire below

       Christmas games and a foot massage for Mia what the?                                                      
I think the boys got a sclap treatment.  Way to fill in for Beck Mia...

     Sure was fun having everyone here even if it was crazy chaos we loved it!

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Heather Coon said...

It was fun! Let's do it again...