Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Senior Prom


By popular demand Jessica picked the peach dress which turned out
beautifully.  Their was one problem with the dress we borrowed from
a friend, it had been stored in a box with moth balls.  Do you remember
what moth balls smell like ummm your great grandparents old whatever
 (not just your grandma's, since I'm a grandma) Well it stunk!  We get
the dress a week prior to the dance, I thought a trip to the cleaners
would cure all but nooooo.  4 days later when we get it back it still
smelled like uhhh you know.  At the cleaners they didn't even put it in
a bag thinking it might capture the smell inside.  It also was kind of hanging
in the back of the cleaners wonder why.

Two days before the dance

Next step Google how to get rid off moth ball odor.  Despite the odor
we find out that moth balls are just little balls of chemicals and have carcenigenes(?)
and you may not want it touching your skin.  Could cause a rash.   GREAT
By this time others aunts have offered cousins dresses and other options.
But she really wanted this one.  So a trip to wal-mart to see the options
She said I'll wear it if you can make it smell better.  It said to.....

Air outside for about a month in the sun-----not possible
dampen and put in dryer with dryer sheets-----semi possibe
dowse with baby powder----possible 

Wal-Mart  $20
We bought febreeze, baby powder, new dryer sheets.
We sprayed it with febreeze then sprinkled it with
baby powder and put it in the dryer on low setting
for 5 min. then on air setting no heat for 10 min.
hung outside in the unfinished addition overnight. 
Now its friday one day before.  Repeated process 2 times.
It smelled pretty good but if you put your nose down in those
layers (not that anyone would be doing that) you could still
smell that old something smell.  So one more treatment that
night hang out all night and no were still not quite there.
In the mean time we make a little jacket for her and a flower for him.

The day of-
She thought if she had a nice smelling perfume she could take
with her and spray as needed she would be able to over power
the smell.   Just hope she doesn't over power the guy.
So a trip to Bath and Body works in the mall.

Lotion, with perfume of the same flavor, and of course some
hand sanitizer just in case anyone has the SWINE flu.
Just on my  way out of the store I spot a new product of there's
Slatkin & Co. ODOR NEUTRALIZING fabric refresher, brilliant citrus
Wonderful I'll try it at any price.

B&B $25

Went home its about 1:00  time for a couple of treatments.
wonderfully smelling stuff it smells better already.  Spray-dry-hang
it works! YEA!!!  Hour before just one more spray for good luck.

A happy Girl going to the Senior Ball PRICLELESS $$$$$$
(just hope she doesn't turn into a mothball at midnight)

Loser was Moth balls don't use them
Winner Odor Neutralizer from B&B


Rochelle and Kaelen said...

Looks good Jess... Emma wants to know if that guy was your king?

Heather Coon said...

Oh jess you looked so cute! Hope you had fun at the ball...your last one are you sad? And what an awesome mom for going through all the trouble to make your dress smell fruity good!

Ben & Carly said...

very cute story Kim, I'll file that infor away...mothballs stink. Jess you looked beautiful, that was a good choice. Amen to Heather saying your a good mom Kim, I aspire to be like you but I still have a hard time sewing a button on so I don't see that happening anytime soon. I loved seeing you girls last week, I hope I can see you more this summer. I know my kids were naughty but they loved you!

Kjirsten said...

You should refer to it as the "Chastity Smell" as it kept Romeo from cuddling up next to you!

You looked Fabulous!!!