Monday, June 1, 2009

2009 Graduations

Mariah  Jessica and Kristen

Jessica and her friends at Seminary graduation.
She was on the seminary council and had to give 
a talk during graduation.  Oh yeah she did graduate
from High School also.

Jessica and Mary Kirschman with their silverwolf cake
Kirschman family put on a nice dinner for the grads

Mary, Jessica and Jessica

Mariah and her friends moving onto High School


The Hatch Family said...

congrats Jessica!!!

Fox Family said...

Hatch family invite us to your blog.

Heather Coon said...

I love your skirt Jessica, is that the one you and mom made? I guess I could have had a cute one too if I didn't get pregnant! Also, with your hair blonde and with bangs you look like Kjirsten. Well congrats on the graduations!! and I'm sure you did wonderful on your talk! Mariah...sorry three more years to go...P.s mia, lets see who can get their nails the longest before we see each other. I'm already on a roll with mine!