Friday, June 19, 2009

Girls Camp!

Me and mariah went to girls camp a week ago. It was up in Heber Valley!  It was super fun, but also super cold the whole time. But we made the best of it and its a good thing we had cabins or we would have been frozen. It was with our whole stake and the theme was Super Heros and each ward made up a super hero to go along with a topic out of the strength of youth book. Our ward topic was family. So our super hero was the Super Sisters! I must say that our ward was one of the cutest and most creative wards up there. Anyways we did lots of fun things during the week like the challenge course then we went to the lake, hikes, stayed up way to late, played tons of silly games and had a vary spiritual time! 

Super Sister Flag!!

Pie Eating contest! I won but then they said it was a tie between another ward
The Lake

Challenge course 

                                                Bus Ride up!

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Heather Coon said...

The swing looks awesome! We want to ride...See you guys in a few days!!! Holly knows your names but now she needs to know your faces