Monday, June 29, 2009

Elder Dallin H. Oaks office

Last week we had the privilege of going with my brother Sherman and 
Linda Doll to be set apart as  Mission President Doll and Sister Doll 
of the Chicago North Mission it was an awesome experience.  
President Oaks was very kind and friendly to everyone.
The girls went to help babysit some of the little kids during the setting apart. Then his secretary invited them up to meet him and take a picture.  They were thrilled.  They saw quite a few who's who in the church office building foyer while tending the little ones.  We ate lunch in the church office building which is usually only for those who work there.  But we got special permission, food selection was good and priced well.  We went to the gateway after to kill a few hours until our temple open house appointment.   We were sitting in the shade at a table and up  the street a ice cream truck parked.  We were watching the guy unload his order.  I noticed their was a cardboard box or something on the ground.  We kept watching him go back and forth and he never picked it up.  Then I started noticing something white on the ground, it was ice cream melting out of one of those 5 gallon cartons and the driver wasn't picking it up.   Stefani dared Mariah to go in the chocolate factory store and ask for a cup and go scoop some up and said she would pay her $5.  It was Haagen Dazs after all.  The girls had gone over to take a picture of themselves pretending to lick it up.  Yes, they were still in dresses. By now people were starting to watch.   Mariah had got a cup and spoon and asked the guy if they could have some, he said sure take all you want.  So she scooped up a cup full of luscious butterfinger ice cream as the driver drove off leaving his mess behind for the scavengers.  Just as Jessica scooped some up a lady came over to her and said that's been on the ground I don't know if you should be eating it.  But as you can see by the picture only the lid had popped off.  Anyway as she was walking away a homeless man(the shelter is around the corner) with a child in a stroller walked up grabbed the carton and walked off.  Hooray for him they will have a nice treat and he cleaned up after the ice cream man. 

       (Do you think Tim's trying to be a look-alike)
Where did you get that ICE CREAM?  Who paid you $5
From the Haagen Dazs truck?

Off the GROUND?  Your Dad would be proud!

The family at the Oquirrh Mountain Temple open house

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