Sunday, February 6, 2011

bathroom make-over WOO HOO:>

Here we go Rebekah. Just so you know that we are doing a few projects
around the house. We decided to tackle the downstairs bathroom.
Re-grouting the shower, hopefully taking care of the leaking problem.
New sink and cabinet in next week. New shower door that doesn't leak.
New floor. Should be good.
Cost: paint $25.00 rock took 13 12x12 sheets
8@ $2ea and 5@$5ea $20 for grout.
not bad. The shower door replacement could prove to be a
challenge its not a standard size of course were working with
a 30 year old house here.
The before... turquoise walls and all
new paint and down to cement after scraping two layers of linoleum up
John working around the john...ha ha
laying out the rock figuring out the flatter ones to lay in the walkway
and the bumpier ones to the back

the rock is set we wait overnight very bumpy at this point before grout
John applying the grout and waiting for it to set up a little. We worked
around the toilet I think its in there permanently hope it doesn't break.
Then lots of washing to get the rocks to reveal and clean them up.
The wall color isn't really this yellow its more tan like the upper color
To bad we couldn't do something to that old nasty shower, but we are
getting a new door. We'll put the new cabinet and sink in next
week after we seal the floor.

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Heather Coon said...

looks nice! I love the new floor!