Sunday, February 20, 2011

Music & The Spoken Word/Weekend Adventures

We went to the Spoken Word this weekend. We took the girls and Austin who
was down for the weekend from Idaho. It was a pretty snowy drive to SL but we
managed to get there in time. Its a great 30 min. show of the choir and orchestra.
After we walked around the church history museum they just renovated the the
children's area a great place to take your kids. Older ones liked it to.
They Jess, Mia and Austin also went to Flo rider in Ogden and did a little surfing.
The Choir and Orchestra in the tabernacle
Avard Fairbanks sculpture in the church history museum
Fresh snow on the Temple
Dressing up in costume from Mexico at the church history museum
Austin looks like a Ninja Jess and Mia are trying to learn a dance.
Nephi's ship
Flo Rider
Surfing while its snowing outside


Victoria said...

I cannot believe how gorgeous that picture of temple in the snow is. Looks like you had lots of fun!

Heather Coon said...

Nice picture of the temple in the snow. That is a really good one! I'm glad Austin had a fun weekend with you guys!