Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Gods gift-Many Bountiful Harvests

We have been truly blessed this year with a wonderful
abundance of fruit on our trees.  First we had overload of
apricots and now the peaches.  As you can see in the pictures
the trees were full of beautiful peaches.  The pictures show
John picking the rest after we had already canned 50qts. and
20pts.  Were very grateful for this great harvest.  I was actually in the mood to can, great.          
Our tomatoes
on the other hand weren't so great, but we had plenty of neighbors
offering their extra bountiful harvests and we did buy a few and ended up with
50 qts and 12 pts. of those.  We need to learn the secret on growing
tomatoes we do live in Hooper which holds tomato days every year.
Yes this is after we canned 5o+qts and pts. and shared with our neighbors.
Some I'm back to doing another dozen jars....yes I had to go buy some jars to finish.
I think we put something in every jar we had in the house.  Its sad to see them go to
waste.  The birds and bugs can eat all the ones that fall.  Ella kept saying why do they
have fuzz on them and they make you itch.  They really do, I broke out with itchy red rash
on my arms.

John searching for every last one.  Up in Willard they sell
them for 30 dollars a bushel we probably had 7-8 bushels
One sweet tree:)


Rochelle and Kaelen said...

sweet I WISH we could grow peaches here :)

Kjirsten said...

Thanks for sending some home with Ben! They are soo... good!!!

Heather Coon said...

Aaron is weeping in jealousy!! We found a house for sale with about 8 mature fruit trees on it!!!