Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What's been up?!

Here's a few snip-its of a couple new things we've been doing.
First we've been seeing a lot of good desserts on Pintrest. And decided to make one. Here's a few photos of  Jess making them.
Chocolate Chip Cookie dough, then Oreos then Brownie mix.
Delicious, but super rich only a little bit to eat. 

 Secret service (we couldn't handle eating all of these brownies by ourselves)
 a nice fall treat the girls doorbell ditched to some ward members.

New shirt?!?! yes the wonderfully talented mother made it. I picked out the fabric 
then mother sewed it together along with the trimmings. 

Want one becka? we'll make the sleeves a little longer. 

and of course it's not fall, without our orange colored kitty. 


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